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OOX 14.02.19 -  (oox (1))

Thursday 14 February

OOX Valentines Day Disco

Where were you on the evening of 14th of February 2018?
We were hosting one of our favourite ever OOX parties with hundreds of happy people stomping to Northern Soul in a dubiously Moroccan themed night club.
We decided that from now on, a huge party on Valentine's day would be a mainstay of our calendar- whether you want to drink and dance away the pressures of finding a date or you want to boogie with that special someone all night long- OOX has got you covered.

So many of you said that you loved us bringing something completely different to Cambridge with Tash LC at our 1st Birthday bash. This time we want to go back to our roots and throw a big old DISCO party. We know loads of you are keen af for this so make sure you buy early as it is sure to sell out quickly!

Presenting our very special guest DJ lineup:

Private Agenda (Disco DJ Set)

Private Agenda's eclectic discography reflects their love of disco's diverse sound pallette. They've released music on iconic indie labels such as International Feel (DJ Harvey, Todd Terje), Lo Recordings (Aphex Twin, Grimes) and Live at Robert Johnson (Fort Romeau, Roman Flügel), collaborating with artists such as Berghain-resident Massimiliano Pagliara and attracting remixes from artists such as Tuff City Kids and Andy Butler (Hercules and Love Affair). They've previously toured their live show around Europe with emerging talents like Parcels, attracting admirers in the electronic music underground and the mainstream music industry alike.

Their music combines the feel-good and memorable melodies that define the disco genre and their DJ set will be a celebration of many of the different homages artists have made over the decades to the disco sound, from the club classics of New York's Paradise Garage to the tracks produced at Compass Point studios in the Bahamas, Italo disco, Norwegian cosmic disco and much else'll be quite a trip and we're all very excited!
Here's a little something special they've prepared for your listening pleasure:

Charles Vaughan (Birdland Kissa)

An eclectic DJ whose sets vary from pulsating jazz, international oddities to classic disco selections and soulful house cuts. He has DJ’d at venues such as Pickle Factory, Shoreditch Platform and Bussey Building to name but a few. Charles creates sets that explore his expansive record collection and broadcasts new sounds, alongside familiar ones, to the dancefloor no matter what the style.

Support from your friendly neighbourhood OOX residents on rotation!
Expect the rarest and grooviest disco cuts only.

All our love,