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Kings Bunker 06.02.19 -  (kings bunker)

Wednesday 6 February

The King's Bunker presents: Vanitas w/ Eris Drew

The lucky number tonight - 23.

The Goddess of Chaos, High Priestess of the Motherbeat is bringing her psychedelic sound to us.

'Eris Drew is a DJ, musician and trans ecstatic. She holds the Psychedelic Rites of the Motherbeat at various locations, including Pittsburgh's Hot Mass. She is a long time resident at Chicago's Smart Bar and is a DJ for the Bunker NY. Eris gives talks on rave history and shamanism.'

From small queer parties to festivals Eris spreads the healing power she believes is embedded in the music; playing 'bouncy broken rhythm and an urgent ecstasy, blending new bass and breakbeat records with old school rave classics'.

'The Motherbeat was first heard by Eris in 1994. She is there to remind us:
The music has been here since the beginning.
We are made for better things than this cultural download provides.
Dissolve boundaries and models.
Unlock your body.'

Eris will be playing all-vinyl through a monstrous custom sound system, the biggest we've ever brought to Fez. Don't miss it.

Tickets: 5/6/7