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CBL 23.12.19 -  (CBL 23.12.19)

Monday 23 December

CBL Xmas Lenger

The people’s party returns for the most highly anticipated most charitable shubz of 2019.

Reasons to attend:

1 - Bun Regal

2 - We’ve all completed Rocky IV style training montages in order to carry the shear amount of dubs we’ve stacked since the last CBL (come see how wham we are/ how wham our dubs are)

3 - Higher chance of being reincarnated as something cool in ur next life (+10 good person XP)

Reasons to not attend:

1 - you’re a wasteman

CBL cru in full effect:

Trema (CBL)
Mononoki (CBL)
Tenk0 (CBL)
Kotei (NS Records)
Box 5ive (Balamii, Noods)
Hurrell (HighRise, Good Life)
Hosted by: Vitamin G (High Focus)

£3 g list (names on wall)
£5 otd

All proceeds will be donated to Cambridge Foodbanks